Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Nuclear Free Niagara Region

Most of the population in Niagara are supplied with electricity from The Adam Beck Hydro-Electric Generating Station at Niagara Falls. The most stable supply of energy in the world.
Below is a graphic showing possible danger zones from the Pickering, Ontario nuclear facility. The graphic doesn't mention or show the potential contamination of the lake - a contamination that would render the water from Lake Ontario poisonous for thousands of years. I for one am glad that I don't live inside the yellow circumscribed area but all of Toronto is in danger. By the way the Darlington Nuclear Station was built on a fault line. Both of these generating station will eventually fail and in fact there was a near meltdown at Darlington during the famous Blackout of 2003. 

We should all be very glad to live in this region with it's plentiful supply of safe, renewable electricity and to be far away from the Nuclear facilities.