Friday, October 28, 2011

Safety Tips for Halloween and other times too!

Halloween is coming up soon, this Monday Oct 31.  Here's some safety tips for you and your kids:
  • Do you only give sealed packaged goodies like mini candy bars? You SHOULD. Unwrapped or homemade treats will be thrown away by prudent parents.
  • Do keep an eye out for the kids while your are driving home - Remember the young ones and their parents often start visiting by 5:00.
  • Do your kids see and breath well in their costumes?
  • Can your kids be seen easily by drivers and other trick or treaters.
  • Do you always make sure your kids go trick or treating with a group and a parent (if your kids are teenagers, they may not need the parent but they should still never go out alone, have them in a group).
  • Do make sure our kids each carry a flashlight to light their way - flashlights are inexpensive but the kids are everything.
  • Do you make sure your kids only trick or treat in areas you feel are safe? (I've seen some areas I wouldn't let my kids walk through anytime.)
  • If there is a dangerous situation in the area, you can host a Halloween party at home instead of having the kids trick or treat, if necessary or check to see if a local mall or business district is hosting a Halloween night complete with candy for the kids to trick or treat for at each store.
  • Do not permit your kids eat their collected treats until they get home (and until you've had a chance to check their treats first).
  • If possible, have each of your kids carry a cell phone with them.
  • Do set a time for your older kids to return home if you are not going out with them.
  • Do not tolerate violence or nastiness of any sort and make sure that your kids aren't involved in such things.
  • Do have a zero tolerance policy for violence either on your kids part or their friends (no soaping, egging or TP-ing houses or cars, etc).
  • Above all - Make sure your kids are aware of basic stranger danger safety tips (Remind them: don't ever go into a stranger's home, never give out their personal information to a stranger, never walk to the back of a house even if the sign on the door says to do so, if someone needs help, or if another child or pet is lost, they should be asking the police for help, etc).

The above tips and some common sense should help you and your kids have a happy and safe Halloween.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A very windy day on Lake Erie at Port Colborne - 15 October 2011

There is a windstorm today, 15 October 2011. Winds are gusting to 100 kph (60 mph) and the temperature was about 10C or 50F, so I decided to visit Nickel Beach in Port Colborne, Ontario. This is on the northern coast of Lake Erie and abuts the Welland Canal.
As you can see in the video, the wind was blowing and the waves were rolling in Gravelly Bay. It was a joy to be there. I hope that you enjoy it too.

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Babbling Brook in the Niagara Region of Ontario - 13 October 2011

It was raining for most of yesterday and last night but today is clear, bright and sunny. So I decided to head to one of my favourite spots here in the Niagara Region and enjoy nature - native forest and streams and the changing colours of Fall. Is there anything more calming than a babbling brook?
It was beautiful and I thought that I would share part of the experience with you. I will be visiting this video again when winter comes, perhaps I will post a winter video from the same location.


Saturday, October 01, 2011

Food and Harvest Festivals and Celebrations - 1 October 2011

First, the Niagara Food Festival -
Unfortunately, it was a cold, damp and windy Saturday morning that I chose to visit Welland's Niagara Food Festival. The normally crowded festival, which is a seasonal highlight in the Niagara Region, was barren of visitors, although I was told that it was much better in the afternoon and on Sunday.
I have to say though, the hot ginger carrot soup at 7:22 of the  video was exactly what I needed.

Second, Apple Fest  at 300 Scott St., St. Catharines -
This indoor event was clearly organized by a group that must have been affiliated with the school in which it was held. There was a strong community feel to the event but I have to say that I get tired of these events where most of the booths are trying to sell you something rather than be party favours for the event. The folks at the event seemed to be having a good time. 
Third, Start Me Up Niagara's Harvest Festival, St. Catharines -
It was still cold, damp and windy on Saturday afternoon when I chose to visit Start Me Up Niagara's Harvest Festival in St. Catharine's Centennial Gardens - which by the way is adjacent to part of the first Welland Canal.
This gathering of very community oriented and well meaning people was to mark the harvest. Start Me Up Niagara has helped members of the community with many life skills and this was to celebrate their community garden and gardeners.
This is an organization that is helping folks in Niagara and we should be supporting them any way we can. For more info go to . Here are more photos of the event.

Fourth, a peek of Oktoberfest at the Royal Legion Branch in Niagara on the Lake, St. Catharines -
Oktoberfest at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch in Niagara on the Lake was my fourth and last stop of the day. The sun had come out and people were talking, laughing and eating.
I had just missed the local German Dance Troupe's performance but I was told that it was "marvellous".
I very much enjoy these types of gatherings where people take tie to reconnect and chat with old friends and make new ones. I kept this video short so as not to intrude in the close surroundings.

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