Thursday, December 01, 2011

A new term for the Canadian lexicon - "Hollow State"

It is time to insert a relatively new term into the Canadian lexicon. That term is "Hollow State".

Unknowing to most, this is a question being asked by many Canadians and non-Canadians although they don't ask the question directly but rather obliquely as most people haven't yet added the term "Hollow State" to their lexicon and they certainly won't be hearing it on the mainstream media.

First let me define a "Hollow State" in the political context. A "Hollow State" is a state which is generally considered to be a state that has the appearance of a properly functioning democratic nation. The state / nation has democratic elections, government laws, rules, regulations and standards. It has a agencies, police, taxation, ministries and a military.

Unfortunately what is doesn't have are the aforementioned acting in the best interest of the public but rather supporting the interests of autocracies, dictators, oligopolies, special interest groups and kleptocracies. The penultimate outcome of the hollow state is usually a corrupt totalitarian or dictatorial rule that exercises strict control of the public through  various governmental means. The ultimate outcome is violence.

So is Canada becoming a Hollow State? I would argue that it is well on its way to becoming one. And before I get bombarded with accusations of being anti Mr. Harper et al, let me say that this did not come about under Mr. Harper's watch. It is merely continuing under his watch.

It is going on in almost all, if not all, governments in this country and others. National, provincial, territorial, municipal and arguably tribal governments are all undergoing the processes that lead to a hollow state.

We see the Occupy Wall Street movement and wonder why they cannot offer a focused message. Their lexicon is lacking, what they are really complaining about is the emerging hollow state that is tangibly affecting their lives but their inability to name the situation properly is causing them trouble - It is the Hollow State issue.

More to come .......

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