Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cedric's Barber Shop

I needed to be shorn this past week.  So I chose a local professional barber, Cedric.

Cedric is the owner of "The Head Shop", which is located at Welland St., which is near the intersection of Welland St., and the QEW in St. Catharines.

I phoned Cedric at 905-988-9772 and made an appointment for 1 p.m..  As Cedric's shop is less that 1 km from my home, I had planned on walking or bicycling over but I had some other errands to run beforehand and I was pressed for time so I took the car and arrived 5 minutes early as there was plenty of available street parking.

Cedric's shop is clean and tidy with a few barber chairs and a bench for those waiting their turn in the chair. As I had made an appointment, I was in Cedric's chair at 1:00 and my shearing and our conversation began.

We had an interesting conversation about shaving and razors and related paraphernalia as well as the importance to all of us in the region and on both sides of "the river" to buy and use local goods and services whenever possible.
Cedric's 1950's Marvy Barber Pole Sign

While in the chair a family entered with their son. They waited on the bench until I was finished and then the very well behaved young fellow took his turn in the chair.

I was delighted with both the conversation and the professional haircut. Clearly Cedric knows what he is doing and I encourage my readers to give him a try. I think that you'll be pleased - I was.

The Head Shop has relocated to:
20 Hartzel Rd.
Unit 10
St. Catharines, ON
L2P 1M3, Canada
+1 905-988-9772