Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Royal Canadian MintChip - the Kiss Your Privacy GoodBye Chip

The Harper Government, through the Royal Mint of Canada, has announced the desire to create the MintChip - which would eventually become the official currency of Canada.
         It should really be called the Kiss Your Privacy GoodBye Chip, the No Privacy Chip  or the We Are Watching Everything  That You Do Chip.
        All Canadian's should be very concerned with the privacy issues related to this proposed currency. History has shown us that whenever we give any government access to our personal information, that access is abused and rights violated.
       For instance, the contentious Long Gun Registry has been cancelled but this will eventually give the government a way to know what rifles you may have, just by watching your rifle, pistol and ammunition purchases - Welcome to the New Long Gun Registry - actually it is the everything you buy registry.

This government likes watching - EVERYTHING.
Contact your Member of Parliament and let them know that you don't want digital Trojan Horse - cash is freedom, the MintChip is Orwellian control.
        Here is a link to help you find your MP (Member of the Parliament of Canada) and here is a list of the current MPs.
        For those readers living in the Niagara Region of Ontario, Rick Dykstra is your MP and here is his contact info. Those Canadians who wish to send a comment to Prime Minister Harper can reach him here.

The Harper Government's MintChip - the Kiss Your Privacy GoodBye Chip