Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Free Refills for Your Water Bottle - the BlueW Program

I like the idea behind this BlueW.org program. It encourages folks to refill their water bottles with free municipal water at locations displaying the logo below.

I see that the program is active with a presence in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Bravo to the folks in Niagara Falls for this. Now if we could get this going throughout the Niagara Region on "both sides of the River".

Refill your water bottle here! BlueW.org
The BlueW.org Program:
  • Encourages hydration - a very good thing
  • Encourages the use of municipal water - another very good thing
  • Educates the public on the issue of municipal water quality - e.g. tap water is as good or better for you than bottled water
  • Saves folks money - duh - a very good thing