Wednesday, March 06, 2013

The New St. Catharines Hockey Arena - Cui Bono?

So what is happening in St. Catharines with the proposed new hockey arena? It sure doesn't seem to be about the needs of the public. The last scenario that I heard of has some 6000 seats at a cost of $60 million. That is $10,000 a seat - that is outrageous. This project reeks of influence and wrongheaded, poorly thought out decisions.

Who is benefiting (cui bono) from this project? Somebody or somebodies must be benefiting from this new rink. Is it possible that some of the following may be benefiting:
  • Politicians
  • Developers
  • Financiers
  • Contractors
  • Team owners
  • Sports Fans
  • Arena Concession Owners

Who may be  hindered, disadvantaged or hurt by the building of this new rink?

  • All of the Ratepayers of St. Catharines
  • Neighbourhood around the current arena
  • The City of St. Catharines' Balance Sheet
  • The City of St. Catharines' Credit Rating
  • More pressing projects and opportunities for the City

This project should be stopped - NOW. In the old days, carpetbaggers miscreants were recognized and often given harsh treatment and  / or driven out of town in short order - Some of those traditions are worth resurrecting.