Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Masked Inflation or is it Stealth Inflation? A Soap Box rant.

Now I understand that businesses need to make money, so I know that as the components of a product increase in cost - so goes the finished product.

Take these 2 bars of Dove Soap - I like this soap, been using this brand for years and intend on doing so in the future. What I don't like is when prices increases are hidden in packaging and portion changes.

Do you see the difference in portion size? 7 grams / 113 grams = 6.19%

So how do you feel about the new bar being that size? Do you find it sneaky or stealthy?

Here is how the two 14 bar bricks compare:

 Big diffenence. You are shorted 98 grams in a brick - almost a 113 gram bar.

Now our Federal government says that we have an inflation rate less that the 6% - a lot less. Who is lying, not the Dove people, they tell you what you are getting and at what cost, albeit with marketing doodads to divert.

No, the Federal Government is lying. We all know that real costs are rising at a much faster rate than they admit.  Wakey, wakey Mr. Harper - the public is rousing and they are onto you.

Did Mr. Harper do away with accurate traditional census protocols so that he could claim ignorance. News flash - This Tory government needn't claim ignorance - it is obvious for all to see that they are smart people trying to keep Canadians ignorant. They have been very successful to date.

We just can't believe what they are saying any more. Would it be different if the Liberals or NDP were in power? Sadly, probably not. Just different lies being told, different hogs being fed and different oxen being gored.

What have we, the Canadian public, permitted to happen. We have betrayed our past and squandered or future by entrusting it to bag men - and women.  Shame on us all.

I've suggested it before and I suggest it again - we should turf every politician at every level of government, even the honest ones, after their second term. Maybe the graft and favours will be spread around more equitably!

So much for my "soap" box rant for the day.