Sunday, August 09, 2020

Unsanitary Conditions in Niagara on the Lake - today at 13:30

Historically, I am a big supporter of Niagara on the Lake.

My experience today has caused me to rethink that. I had to make use of the NOTL public men's washroom this afternoon. Upon walking up to the entrance the two mobile screen mesmerized zombies, who I assumed were supposed to be sentinels and ambassadors of hygienic practices, didn't even notice me.

I was wearing a quality mask and it was a good thing as the men's washroom was disgusting. A woman mentioned to me outside how disgusted she was with the women's facilities.

I made use of the less than hygienic facilities, washed my hands and exited without the aforementioned sentinels noticing. I wonder if the two sub functioning humans were the product of some practice of favouritism or some such. They would rank in the minus digits for awareness or attentiveness to duty in my book.

The current Lord Mayor of Niagara on the Lake is Betty Disero. Those of us who lived in Toronto during the Art Eggleton era should remember her. Were the two dysfunctional manikins hired by Betty or one of her obviously less than competent staff?

NOTLs petty tyrants were pretty quick to heavily fine people during the lock-down for minor transgressions. Lord Mayor Betty, what can we do to fine your wastrels and their questionable managers for endangering the health of NOTL's inhabitants and visitors?

Perhaps it is time for for an across the board municipal pay cut in NOTL. Maybe that will get the ball rolling in the right direction.

It is a sad day for what was a really wonderful Town. NOTL deserves better management and the Burghers of NOTL deserve better treatment from their employees.