Saturday, June 18, 2011

A visit to the Niagara on the Lake Strawberry Social - 18 June 2011

It was a beautiful day on the grounds of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Niagara on the Lake. Neighbours were talking to neighbours, children were laughing and everyone was having a wonderful time.

The smell of fresh strawberries, strawberry jam, fresh crepes with strawberries & cream, and clover was everywhere. The event was a treat to the senses. The church includes an old cemetery and I thought the people layed to rest there would have been happy to see how the grounds were enjoyed.


You may think everything in Niagara-on-the-Lake is expensive - but you would be wrong. This strawberry social was for everyone, and although it was a church fund-raising event the prices were reasonable and the booths were popular.

Yummm....and service with a smile.....happy customers!
They were making strawberry jam right there - you could buy home-made jam or fresh strawberries. There were also burgers, dogs and corn-on-the-cob which, the cute little fellow below seems to be enjoying.
This Strawberry Social was organized by the community and not by a commercial organization and the results show it. It was a marvelous gathering of folks who were there to share their community. I had a really good time and I strongly recommend that you attend next year's event if you can. You will have a great time.

Unfortunately, not everything billed as a strawberry festival is actually like this - for something entirely different and not so nice see the post on the Beamsville one.
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