Friday, July 01, 2011

More Exhibits and Demonstrations - at NAPA - 1 July 2011

As mentioned in the previous article, we were at the Niagara Antique Power Association Show and had a great time. The show had every kind of antique power generator imaginable from small diesels and toy steam engines to large steam engines and steam tractors.

Here is a very nice 1916 Waterloo Steam Traction Engine. What a beautifully maintained engine and the engineer / fireman was very willing to share his knowledge with the curious public.

There was a nice collection of models and of course, the wonderful Meccano display. This extensive display has pieces that go right back to the beginning of Meccano. A very nice display - I hope that they will be back for next years show.

There was so much to see from stationary steam engines, drag saws, garden equipment, military organs. I will let the videos speak for themselves.

I recommend that folks go and enjoy the NAPA show. The show runs from Friday 1st of July to Sunday the 3rd.

The demonstrations and exhibitions are of interest to young and old alike. It is very affordable and the food is wonderful too. Remember to wear a hat and sunglasses and don't forget the sunscreen.

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